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Captain America: The Winter Soldier End Credits
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We need more Tom and Robert. They’re hilarious together.

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Ready For the Weekend//Multifandom [Preview]

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It’s been absolutely above and beyond my wildest dreams. I got cast four years ago. I came out to LA with some money I earned from British TV in my pocket, I did some auditions, and one of them was for Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. Being Loki has changed my life.” — Tom Hiddleston

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Oooo, I so love this scene.  I still laugh every time I see the last gif.  Tom wins best delivery in the entire fucking film.  Look at that face, seriously.  Goddamn, mother fucking smart ass - my kinda guy.  YEAH!  Throwing kisses to Joss too.

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Feels!! :)

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Loki in Thor : The Dark World

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